OOTD: Deighton Cup 2014

Hello! ๐Ÿ™‚

I meant to post about the Deighton Cup 2014ย earlier this weekย but today will have to do. This year was my second time at the Deighton Cup on Saturday, 26 July. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Deighton Cup, it’s Vancouver’s main horse racing event during summer. Those who wish to pay $75 or more receive a complimentary lunch and beverage, and have the opportunity to mingle with fellow paying attendees in an enclosure. Those who do not pay can sit in the bleachers or wander around the Hastings Racecourse. After this year’s Deighton Cup, I’ve decidedย to opt for the free entrance next time. Here’s why…

  1. Food & Beverage – There are plenty of places where you can purchase something to eat or drink. Maybe you can’t have fancyย Mint Julep or canapรฉs but there’s plenty of food and beverages available for less than $10 each.
  2. Best Dressed Style Awards – Just about everyone thinks it’s rigged. (No, I’m not saying this because I was jealous or upset I wasn’t selected. I thought I was rather plainly/modestly dressed this time.)ย Winners appeared to be selected from the VIP enclosure only. No one knew where or howย to enter. (I wanted to nominate my companions.) There were many very well-dressed men and women who should have been up on stage.ย  That said, just dress up. For free.

fav outfit

I loved this lady’s hat and outfit. She was last year’s winner but I think she should have won the Best Dressed this year.

  1. The cost – $75 just for a regular ticket that comes with a free drink and food is quite steep. May as well save your $75 for betting or more drinks. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • Failed networking – No one went out of their way to meet new people. Such a shame. :/

  • Overall, however, my companions and I enjoyed ourselves and it’s always a pleasure to admire what otherย attendeesย are wearing.

    What I wore

    Dress: H&M beige pencil dress (altered) | Shrug: Le Chateau gold shrug (clothing swap)ย | Accessories: twisted two-strand faux pearl necklace (clothing swap), clip-on faux pearl teardrop earrings (C$15-20?)ย | Hat: vintage tricorn hat in dusty pinkย (C$5 from garage sale)

    A vintage hat from Ivan Sayers' garage sale for $5!

    Myย vintage hat from Ivan Sayers’ garage sale for $5!

    Last year, I went with a V-neck royal blue dress with buttercup sleevesย from Boutique Jacob and a vintage Andre hat (the ‘Princess Diana’ hat replicate). This year, I selected another vintage hat from my collection but couldn’t decide on what to wear. I ended up going with a more conservative pencil dress, which I later semi-regretted because it crinkles when I sit.
    My companions and I all wore something vintage. ๐Ÿ™‚

    2014 Fashion Trends


    • above-the-knee tulle skirts
    • fascinators
    • risquรฉ cutouts

    I don’t know how many of us would even be allowed into the royal enclosureย at the Ascots. I could hearย Britain laughing at us.


    • shorts (with socks raised as high as possible)
    • mix of colours and patterns
    • light-coloured trousers with dark blazers
    • suspenders

    I found the blazers with shorts trend quite hilarious. I don’t know if anyone else dresses like that in other major cities in the world but it looked like overgrown school boys at the races. The way the majority of the men dressed, on the other hand, is the way they should dress everyday. They looked proper, for once.

    There you go! Vancouver’s fashion – and this view is shared by quite a few Vancouverites – is a joke. Anything goes. :o) We’re ‘special’ that way.


    fav hat

    The Milliness Jessica Fortin’s gold hat was my favourite hat this year. I love wreaths.

    Readers, what do you think? Am I being too harsh or blunt? :S