Where to Take Ballet Classes in Vancouver

Revised: 2015

If you are an adult (16-18+) who enjoys staying fit through ballet classes, here are some places to try out (based in the Lower Mainland):

  • Ballet Fit – Ballet-inspired fitness. (I haven’t taken any classes at Ballet Fit yet.)
    • Locations: Coal Harbour, Douglas Park, Kitsilano, Roundhouse, Scotia Dance Centre, Yaletown
    • Cost: around $10/class if you join a full session or $13 for drop-in
    • Schedule: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays
  • Barre Fitness – Ballet-inspired fitness.
    • Locations: Yaletown or North Vancouver
    • Cost: $20 drop-in or $150/month for 3 consecutive months for unlimited classes. Newcomers can try unlimited classes for 2 weeks for $40.
    • Schedule: Mondays-Sundays
Barre Fitness Yaletown Studio

Barre Fitness Yaletown Studio

  • Community Centres – Recreational ballet (2 levels: beginner and intermediate). Fewer students.
    • Locations: Kitsilano (smaller studio, somewhat more expensive), Mt Pleasant (new studio, most affordable), etc.
    • Cost: Cheap drop-in fees from $10+; cheaper if you sign up for full session (around 8-10 classes).
    • Schedule: one weekday morning, Friday evenings, Saturday afternoons
  • Goh Ballet – Recreational (2 levels: beginner 1 and beginner 2) to professional ballet.
    • Location: Mt Pleasant
    • Cost: $18 drop-in or $180 for 10 classes + 1 free class (expires after 2 months).
    • Schedule: Mondays/Wednesdays (Beginner 1), Tuesdays/Thursdays (Beginner 2)
  • Harbour Dance Centre – Recreational to professional ballet. (I stopped going to HDC in 2007 because I felt it was too expensive and too crowded.)
    • Location: Downtown
    • Cost: $20 drop-in for non-members  and $18 for members ($30 annual fee) for 1.5hr classes. Newcomers can try 3x 1.5hr classes for $40.
    • Schedule: Mondays-Sundays
  • The Scotiabank Dance Centre – Recreational (beginner and intermediate-advanced) to professional ballet. More expensive but there’s more room in the studios. I take Linda’s Ballet classes
    • Location: Downtown
    • Cost (based on Linda’s ballet classes): Beginner – $20 drop-in or $15/class for 10x 1.5hr classes. Intermediate/Advanced – $25 drop-in or $20/class for 10x 2hr classes. Flexipass: $200 for 40x 30 min. for Tues/Sat classes).
    • Schedule (based on Linda’s ballet classes): Tuesdays, Saturdays


I’ve just moved to London, England this autumn. Does anyone have any recommendations on where to take recreational ballet classes or barre fitness here?

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